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Making Channel Sales Work

Achieve Channel Sales Excellence

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A concise and structured approach to third-party sales management that blends many of the tools and the rigor of Sandler Training with specific guidance for channel managers. Create a World-Class Third-Party Selling Program! Channel sales is selling that takes place by means of any third party. Sales completed through value-added resellers, partners, systems integrators, independent representatives or agents, licensed distributors, and franchisees are all examples of channel sales. Many companies operate under a channel-sales model without ever having heard of the term! 

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Forrester Recommendation

Jay McBain, Principal Analyst Global Channels

"I have really enjoyed working with Marcus as Author of "Making Channel Sales Work", he is a Global authority on indirect sales and regularly influences channel leaders through multiple vehicles. He understands that channel sales management is probably the hardest job there is in professional selling-including limited recognition and respect. With over 75% of world trade following indirectly, there are very few trusted sources that deliver goods with the breadth and depth that Marcus does. All channel professionals should have him on their radar"


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Client Testimonial

Silke Ahrens, Channel Director, Thycotic

I am responsible for leading our international channel business, serving a network of distributors and channel partners together with my team. We are enjoying fantastic growth, which is creating an intense high speed work environment. When I first started working with Marcus my biggest challenges by far were prioritizing the right things, spending time on the right activities, being a bottleneck and feeling constantly overwhelmed by my workload despite working long days and sometimes weekends. Understanding how to implement the Sandler methodology in a channel context is helping me to create better processes and structures for our channel network, but also freeing up time by working smarter and more efficient. The 1:1 coaching has been remarkable. Marcus' no BS attitude and insistence on preparation prior to the sessions meant I got results very quickly when challenging the status quo. I no longer feel overwhelmed, I am firmly in charge of my time, I have learned to say no to far more than I say yes to and I've recognized the importance of truly connecting with and coaching my team consistently. Most importantly with Marcus help I have been able to foster a new sense of self-awareness which allows me to be truly accountable for my actions and reflect on my business decisions, making me a better manager. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I now feel excited to work - every day. As long as you are willing to put in the work, I found Marcus to be a great coach who will empower and enable you to grow on both a personal and business level. Working with Marcus has made such a difference to my life that I am highly recommending him to anyone in channel or anyone that wants to leave anxiety caused by poor calendar management behind for good.