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I’ve failed a lot and often. I was in sales for nearly 17 years before I discovered these secrets of selling successfully. In the first part of this series I introduce the 1st of my top 7 reasons why you fail to sell.

Share the advise Marcus gave to one of his President's Club Alumni, Jim, who was worried about a prospect who wanted to buy but had to get sign off from the CFO first. Jim was struggling to decide how best to help his prospect get a yes.

In part 1 Marcus Cauchi discussed the importance of planning and demonstrated why failing to plan is one of the reasons why people FAIL to sell. Read on to find out another reason why you fail sell.

Having already looked at the impact of failing to prospect and failing to plan, in this third part of this series London Sales Training Expert Marcus Cauchi explains why we should never sound like the competition.

In this series we've looked at failing to Plan, failing to Prospect and the importance of sounding different to your competitors: focussing on your customer and not on what you have to offer. But attempt to sell using features and benefits and you've hit on the 4th reason why you fail to sell.

In part 5 of this series, Marcus Cauchi explains why traditional selling techniques set you up to FAIL and suggests an alternative.

In part 6 Marcus suggests a way of gaining more credibility.

In this final part of the series Marcus teaches an important lesson.

Marcus Cauchi explains what to do if your "Client" wants to buy but has to convince his boss.

"Why do my sales stall when they have to be referred up to the boss or CFO?" In Part 1 Marcus Cauchi explained the Buyer Seller Dance. In Part 2 he tells you how to avoid it.