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Sales Process

Ask salespeople to list their least favorite selling activities, and you can count on “prospecting” being at the top of the list. And, the least favorite of all prospecting activities is unquestionably making cold calls.

In part 1 Marcus Cauchi discussed the importance of planning and demonstrated why failing to plan is one of the reasons why people FAIL to sell. Read on to find out another reason why you fail sell.

In part 5 of this series, Marcus Cauchi explains why traditional selling techniques set you up to FAIL and suggests an alternative.

In part 6 Marcus suggests a way of gaining more credibility.

Marcus Cauchi explains what to do if your "Client" wants to buy but has to convince his boss.

Top Sales Trainer Marcus Cauchi introduces his new BLOG series that will help you understand how you're being manipulated by buyers. If you feel bullied and deceived into giving stuff away for free when by rights you should have been paid for it or if you over service accounts that you're underpaid for, then this is definitely worth a read.

WEALTH WARNING. If you sell the technical stuff and talk about what you do, this parable will make you cry.

In Part 2 Marcus unravels the mystery a little further to see what happens when the Manipulator's golden glister rubs off and the promised reward or recognition you’ve been tantalized with for so long is unmasked as a fake, or worse still, you're still on the hook and the reward is even further out of reach.

Marcus Cauchi examines the reasons why many of us didn't want to set up in business and suggests reasons why we might not be as successful as we'd hoped we would be.

In part 5 of this blog series, Marcus looks at punishment. He explores how buyers use this form of manipulation and explains how you can stop them punishing you.

No one is comfortable buying from a salesperson who is needy, desperate or skint … and shows it. Nor are buyers comfortable buying from someone selling, who has their own best interests at heart and is trying to put their hand in your pocket. Would you part with your own money under these conditions? Someone else’s money? Or if your career and livelihood were at stake?

Sandler Training Associate Benjamin Dennehy explains why outsourcing business development isn't always the answer to your Business problems.

This doesn't mean develop a 'To-Don't List' of 56 items and get around to doing none of them. It means picking 1 or 2 wildly important objectives, and working towards achieving them coherently, cohesively and using complimentary actions in a chain of activity.