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Reason 1: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

I’ve failed a lot and often. I was in sales for nearly 17 years before I discovered these secrets to selling successfully. I’d actually gained 1 year’s experience seventeen times because the lessons I learned in my first year of attracting attention, generating interest, building desire and instigating action formed the basis of everything I did in sales. I knew it wasn’t working but my management kept encouraging me to do the same things I’d always done and I was too blind to see the harm I was doing myself.

Every month I struggled to pay the bills, the mortgage, the groceries, and every month I kept myself upbeat and positive …. But nothing improved. I moved from job to job to job, and got through interviews because I was good at interviews.

I discovered a system of selling some years ago that transformed the way I sell. My close rate increased from 1:10 to 9:10 in less than 2 years. My day rate has risen by more than eighty times. My self esteem has gone through the roof and I fear nothing the prospect can throw at me.

I recognise that how I perceived my own worth i.e.my self-concept, determined how much I earned not my customer, my market or my competition. I’m in control. Now, that is a much happier place to be than being tossed about by the tides of the market, the economy and my employers or customers. If you’re sick and tired of being part of someone else’s plan for your future and your success, and you’re angry enough to do something about it, read on.

I pooh-poohed all attempts at setting goals. “They don’t work for me”, “I can’t be bothered” and actually I was right. They didn’t work for me and I became despondent because the goals I did set when I tried to set them were doomed to failure. Why? Because they were results based goals not behavioural goals and they were often set for me not with me or by me.

You can only manage what you can control. I can’t control the prospect signing the cheque but I can manage the behaviours that get me there – the number of dials, letters, marketing emails I make or send; the number of cold calls I make until I speak to a decision maker; the number of face to face meetings I go on, the number of times I’d qualify a suspect until they warranted my time to make a presentation etc.

Fail to have a plan of your own and you will always become part of someone else’s plan.



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